Unique complex
in the heart of the city

The Speshilov’s Collection Museum-Restaurant Complex combines in an area of 760 m2 the museum with a unique exposition from Alexander Speshilov’s private collections, the restaurant hall in the style of Russian festive meals as well the billiard room and the apartment rooms.

The complex «Sobranie Speshilova» is proud of its high quality of service, шеы cordiality and hospitality. And, above all — an ability to anticipate desires of each guest. Welcome!

Collection of Speshilov street photos

Restaurant of Russian creatively interpreted cuisine

The Speshilov’s Collection Restaurant is a family restaurant of Russian creatively interpreted cuisine. Here, you will plunge into the atmosphere of a comfortable noble home of the mid-19th century and leisurely taste delicious dishes of real Russian cuisine.

The Restaurant has the character of a good home where each article has its history


Only for the dearest guests

The apartment rooms with the total floor area of 130 m2 are a real residential apartment with a separate bedroom, a drawing-room, a study and a cloakroom hidden under the very too fog he building. A high-quality, expensive designer’s decoration, custom-made furniture from Spain, with a focus on wood of light colors and an abundance of light render the interior stylish and comfortable and invites you to spend a good time.

Situated in the center of Irkutsk, in the heart of the permanently lively 130th Quarter, the apartment rooms of the Speshilov’s Collection Complex allow, at the same time, their guests to feel the atmosphere of coziness, home comfort and calm which reign here in every centimeter. And a separate entrance, not intersecting the Museum-Restaurant Complex, does enhance the effect of intimacy.

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Unique collection

The Museum of Samovars in the Speshilov’s Collection Complex is a unique cultural and historical heritage site not only in Irkutsk oblast. Such a museum and such a collection do not exist throughout the space from Ural to the Far East.

Nowadays, the Museum owns a large collection of more than 1000 names, including about 300 rare and unique exhibits of samovars manufactures by various factories and workshops of Russia dating back to the early 18th century.

The billiard hall

As is well known, the billiard hall I a room with a special atmosphere. Business negotiations can be held here, when a less formal environment is required, as well as a meeting “without ties”. Playing billiards will also help to concentrate when you want to be some time alone.

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