Family restaurant
of Russian creatively
interpreted cuisine

Here, you will plunge into the atmosphere of a comfortable noble home of the mid-19th century and leisurely taste delicious dishes of real Russian cuisine. Diving into the restaurant zone, you will experience ease and simplicity of Russian art. Everything here allows you to have fine pleasure and a good rest.

Working hours:

Mon-Thu — 12:00 to 00:00
Fri-Sun — 12:00 to 02:00

It is thought that for taking maximum pleasure in any process, it is necessary to involve as many sensory organs as possible. You will acquire maximum pleasure from visiting the Museum if visual or contemplative enjoyment is combined with savoring our specialties.

Traditional Russian dishes with a unique <br /> (for Irkutsk) contemporary interpretation <br />

Traditional Russian dishes with a unique
(for Irkutsk) contemporary interpretation

Any dish of the menu in the Restaurant of Speshilov’s Collection is a play of taste. On the one hand, all recipes are canonical: with their history, and with some legend. On the other, in line with the latest tendencies, we carefully added to them the contemporary principles, including with the use of molecular cuisine technology.

It is only here that traditional Russian pickles are prepared in special oak casks, and cheeses in our own cheese diary, while the seemingly familiar (to Irkutsk) recipes for dishes are, for the first time in Irkutsk, are implemented with elements of molecular cuisine technology.

A special version of Russian dishes creatively interpreted in the Restaurant, coupled with the uniqueness of recipes and the irreproachability of taste are the distinguishing features of the Speshilov’s Collection restaurant, affordable for all those who value moments of relaxation and enjoyment which can only provided by a meal.


The Restaurant has the character of a good home where each article has its history. In the first hall, visitors are welcomed by a graceful cupboard from the 19th century. The carvings on the cupboard are supported by the patterned frames of the mirror panels and the décor of the bar rack.

On the walls there are plenty of little shelves with porcelain figurines from the private collection. The tables in the dining-halls are made of massive ash-wood by the best masters. The cozy settees and armchairs are decorated in textile fabric with tiny ornaments. The contrast of the light walls and the dark floors and doors advantageously represents all details of the classic style.


The VIP-hall is intended for special cases where you can celebrate, in an intimate ambience, any significant event together with your closest people or have an important meeting with your business partners.

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