Museum-Restaurant Complex <br /> in the very heart of the city

Museum-Restaurant Complex
in the very heart of the city

The Speshilov’s Collection Museum-Restaurant Complex combines in an area of 760 m2 the museum with a unique exposition from Alexander Speshilov’s private collections, the restaurant hall in the style of Russian festive meals as well the billiard room and the apartment rooms.

Alexander Spesgilov

The heart of the “Collection” is the exposition of rare and unique samovars consisting of more than 300 exhibits. Starting in the 18th century, they were all made by various factories and workshops of Russia and other countries and arouse a keen interest not only among the supreme connoisseurs and experts but also among the admirers.

Alexander Spesgilov

My love for samovars goes back to my childhood. I used to spend every school holiday in the village near Cheremkhovo where my grandparents lived. I remember how my grandpa was starting the samovar every evening. We used to sit at the samovar for several hours talking about some things. These are the warmest memories from my childhood. Then came my higher study, army and career, and I did not have time to do that. But later, all of a sudden, and then there we go… My collection now accounts for more than 300 samovars, and everybody can see them after the Museum has opened.



The oldest of all the extant Tula samovars in Russia is justly regarded as a real jewel of Alexander Speshilov’s collection!

Alexander Speshilov is sure that it can’t be a coincidence and, hence, interest in the history of the samovar will only be increasing with the opening of the Museum. You know, the samovar is the General of the Table, and this is a page of our history and, for somebody, a part of childhood memories. It is the embodiment of hospitality and generosity, companionship, and home calm and comfort.

Restaurant of original Russian cuisine

As a follow-up to the theme of traditional Russian hospitality, the Restaurant of original Russian cuisine has opened for guests of Speshilov’s Collection. Diving into the restaurant zone, you will experience ease and simplicity of Russian art. Everything here allows you to have fine pleasure and a good rest.

The Restaurant has the character of a good home where each article has its history. In the first hall, visitors are welcomed by a graceful cupboard from the 19th century. The carvings on the cupboard are supported by the patterned frames of the mirror panels and the décor of the bar rack.

Brand cook Artur Martirosyan

The gastronomic component of Speshilov’s Collection is the brand cook Artur Martirosyan, the representative of the Chefs Association of Israel in Eastern Siberia, President of Restaurant Business of Siberia, a member of the National Chefs’ Guild of Russia, and the representative of Chefs’ Guild of Buryatia in Irkutsk.

Brand cook Artur Martirosyan

Billiard hall
and wine cellar

The eco-interior of the Complex, with an abundance of wood of open texture, natural cotton and flux, alternates with a laconic gentlemen’s style of the billiard hall. Natural dark wood, Scottish tartan in the decoration of the walls, leather furniture and the bar rack. Four professional billiard tables rivaling the world championship standards are installed here.

Yet another special feature is the wine cellar that stores a collection of classic vintage wines, strong alcoholic beverages of an elite assortment and, of course, traditional mead and nalivka (fruit liquor).